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The Administration of the Territorial Land Acts System (ATLAS) provides accurate graphic and written information on each parcel of land. It provides a user-friendly tool for land administrators, and for individuals and organizations that have an interest in land, to assist them in making strategic decisions about the management of their interests in land.

ATLAS is a land information system that uses GIS technology.  It was developed though consultation with Northwest Territories communities, community governments, Aboriginal governments as well as other stakeholders.  It has been designed with the needs of each of these groups in mind and fills an identified gap in the area of land administration.



"ATLAS will provide users with accurate and reliable maps, and written information on every parcel of land within community boundaries. It will be accessible territorial wide anywhere, anytime and will be easy to use."

    The ATLAS Community Maps provide an easy to use and interactive means to access land information and other data. Some features of the map include:

•Parcel Information
    Space Imaging    
    Some of the satellite imagery used in the maps has been resampled from IKONOS imagery and is copyright of Space Imaging Inc.
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